Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition Install Freezes

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Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition Install Freezes

Installing the Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition on a brand new Windows 8 machine from an ISO took more than 24 hours.

The installation froze at several points during installation and leaving the PC for hours saw no progress in the installation.

Incredible how the install for such a mature product should have degraded into such an awful experience. I have never had a problem installing previous versions of Visual Studio. I had hoped the new edition would solve some of the problems we have with VS 2010, but am less optimistic now.

I found suggestions on the internet that when the installer freezes, restart the system without cancelling the install and when it starts again it will continue. This did indeed happen, but not to the point where it completed successfully.

After more than 24 hours of installing (this is not downloading, the 7GB iso file was already downloaded), the install was not progressing. I was forced to kill the process, and try system restore.

Once the system restarted, the install was still running, and the system restore was rejected. By this time I was beginning to feel like I should have named my PC Hal.


I did a system restore to the earliest possible restore point.
  • Turned off the internet connection
  • Switched off anti-virus, this was stopping the restore
  • Set UAC level to minimum
  • Mounted the ISO as a Drive
  • Ran the installer as Administrator
  • This time it worked, except for a package failure message about NuGet.

This will be the recommended install process for the others in Kandy’s Development team.

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