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Equipping smaller businesses with the IT they need is what we do best. If you have an IT manager (or you are the IT manager), we‘ll work with you, one to one. If not, we’ll become your IT team for as long as you need us to.

Tell us about your business, and we’ll show you how to build an IT system that will do exactly what you need it to, with minimum complexity and cost. You’ll find working with us is simple, streamlined and personal (three promises you’ll rarely hear in IT these days).

Where do you need help?

Need a database?

From an MS Windows-based system to an internet/intranet system, leave it to us. We’ll do what graphic designers can’t – create a hard-working website where users can enter data, run reports and get real functionality.

Better reporting

Your database isn’t working unless it gives you data you can use in meaningful, commercial ways (like showing you which part of your marketing spend is the most profitable).

We create reporting systems for small companies and multinationals. We use specialist reporting packages such as Crystal Reports (Business Objects), in an intranet or internet based system.

Reports can be to MS Word or Excel, PDF, a ‘dashboard’ hosted in MS Outlook or through the SQL Server, SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) reporting tool. Combining data from multiple systems? No problem.

Data Warehousing

If you have to manage large amounts of data, we can optimise its storage and reporting. We have experience of very large databases in MS SQL Server and containing millions of rows of data.

Database Troubleshooting

Data corruption is common, and frustrating. We can repair databases, evaluate indexing and advise on better platforms and networks. Maybe you’ve outgrown an Access database and need to move up to MS SQL Server for larger numbers of users, bringing security, performance and stability (without needing a new system).

We cleanse too, eliminating invalid and duplicated information and restoring the performance of your system.

Integrating systems

Connecting up your IT is always important and often challenging – such as a CRM system, receiving electronic data from clients and then needing to return data.

Retyping and re-entering is not efficient. A Kandy integration package can transform your operations. We have experience of creating systems that automatically import data from different sources, using technologies such as SQL Integration Services (SSIS), the older SQL Server technology Data Transformation Services (DTS) and custom-made .Net applications.

Where individuals and departments struggle to get information from the corporate systems, we can transform data to make it really usable.

Customising MS Office

We have lots of ways to adapt Microsoft Office to help automate your business processes. Access, Excel, Outlook and Word can all be customized and we can create custom add-ins.

We’ve created systems that strip text out of Word documents and insert it into a SQL Server. We can create outputs to Excel for reporting and mailing, and can restructure Excel documents and import from them too. For Outlook, we created an add-in that prompted users to ‘cc’ a relevant public folder.

Kandy can do…

Need a specialist for advice?
Need a specialist for advice?
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