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Eventually, every IT system becomes a legacy system, outdated, unreliable and no longer fit-for-purpose. A costly upgrade can seem the only answer, especially if the IT manager’s moved on (taking his know-how with him).

Don’t upgrade. Call Kandy. We have the skills to get inside your system and apply smart fixes, enhancing and optimizing the system you have. Data clean-up, maintenance, additional reports… whatever your problems, we’ll find ways to get your existing IT, and your business, working hard.

We specialise in Microsoft SQL Server especially in conjunction with Microsoft Azure. With decades of database experience, we have a track record of rescuing troubled database systems and updating them to more robust, scalable, modern solutions – with far less cost than new IT. We’ve helped many clients update solutions of Access or Excel systems to more efficient, user friendly counter-parts.

Kandy can do…

Need a specialist for advice?
Need a specialist for advice?
Outgrown Off-the-shelf IT?
Big Business Unwieldy IT?