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Clean your data, or lose customers and money.

Every phone call you make that doesn’t reach a potential customer is a waste of your time and money.

Every sales letter or brochure you post that arrives at the wrong address wins you no business and eats into your profits.

Every time you telephone or write to someone who has died, you damage your reputation and your brand.

Even worse, if you target someone who has opted out of tele-marketing, you could be fined £5,000 by the regulatory bodies.

But every one of these potentially expensive mistakes can be avoided by keeping your contact databases clean.

Kandy Solutions data cleaning can keep them spotless.

The information you hold about your current and potential clients is the most important data you have, so you must look after it. Or better still, hire Kandy Solutions to look after it for you.

Kandy Solutions can make thousands of changes to a database at once, completing work that would take a member of your staff weeks to do. Employing Kandy Solutions for a day could buy you up to an extra month of work-hours by freeing up employees to focus on the skills you hired them for.

And we believe we are the only company in the market that can transform an ineffective, out-of-date database into a hugely efficient and dynamic one without you needing to go anywhere near a spreadsheet.

Other firms will offer to clean your data, but they won’t integrate it into your systems. You give them a spreadsheet, they give you a new one, and it’s up to you to input it back into your system, normally in an extremely time-consuming manner. That’s like a mechanic saying they will replace the engine in your car, but expect you to fit it yourself.

Kandy Solutions gives you the complete service from start to finish. Call us now to find out how we can revolutionise your data.


Kandy Solutions does not just clean the data you have. We can also supercharge what you’ve got by making your information far more comprehensive.

The more detail you have, the more powerful it becomes as a marketing tool, and you will be amazed at what we can find for you.

We have access to specialised directories that completely transform the data you hold on corporations. Using the BT OSIS database, we can source phone numbers for businesses and individuals if you’ve only got addresses, find statistics like employee numbers and turnover, and perhaps most importantly, we can find out who in that organisation is authorised to buy from you.

We can improve the basics too. If you are sending letters, envelopes or personalised emails, the name of the recipient may need to be formatted differently. We can split names into their constituent parts, and provide the salutation and envelope form, so you can use these in your marketing.

We can also analyse the data you have, turning what may appear to be random records of client activity into highly revealing insights into customer habits. For example, we can tell you who in your database has bought nothing for years, and who are your most loyal purchasers, so you can fine-tune your sales approach. You can stop wasting money contacting those unlikely to ever buy, and give a premium service to those who love what you do.

And like the rest of our services, we will integrate the new data back into your system, not leave you to do it yourself, like our competitors would. If there is particular data you want to track, we can build reports and dashboards to showcase that too.

Kandy Solutions knows that understanding your customers is the best way to deliver what they want, and we will give you all the data you need to maximise sales.

Call us now to find out how we can revolutionise your data.

Make your marketing hit the target every time

When it comes to marketing, accurate client databases are absolutely essential. Without clean, powerful data, you are leaving your sales up to chance.

Bad data means your mail gets delivered to empty buildings, your sales calls go unanswered, and your best clients suddenly become unobtainable.

But even data that was correct months ago could be grossly inaccurate now. According to Post Office statistics, every day, more than 8,000 phone numbers and addresses go out of date. Businesses relocate, people die, and others opt-out of phone and mail marketing. You can’t afford to be left behind.

Kandy Solutions offers the most extensive data cleaning service available, ideal for both telephone marketing and postal services.



Badly maintained databases are full of duplicate records, meaning you waste money on twice as much marketing material as you need. We strip all these duplications out, and merge records so you keep the key information.

Royal Mail Verification

We compare the addresses on your database with the official listings at the Royal Mail, know as Postal Address File (PAF) Verification. Human error means post can be lost, but this service will ensure all addresses match the right buildings.

Business Gone Away

It is estimated that each year, up to 40 per cent of businesses relocate. We analyse all your business data and supply new addresses for those who are now at new premises. Royal Mail estimates that 240 businesses move every day.

Royal Mail Redirection

Individuals that move house often ask Royal Mail to put them on a special list as part of their redirection service. Co-ordinating with this list is vital if you want to keep track of customers as they move, and we can use this crucial data to bring your information in line. Every day, 3,300 people register as home movers, so you need to know where they are going.

Mailing Preference Service (MPS)

This service allows people to opt-out of receiving direct mail. It’s estimated that 1,150 people sign up to this service every day, meaning they categorically do not want to receive marketing through the post. If you are mailing addresses registered here, you are damaging your brand, as well as wasting your time and money. We can ensure you are not mailing to anyone on the list.

The Bereavement Register

One guaranteed way to damage your brand and lose customers is to market to people who have died. To avoid grieving relatives complaining that you have insensitively targeted their lost loved ones for sales, we check your databases against the bereavement register. And don’t think it’s not worth it; 3,700 names are added to the list every day.