Post Trade Transaction Cost Analysis System


This was built for a City of London company which provides analysis for investment banks and pension funds on their stock market and commodity trading. This analysis was achieved by comparing their own trading with their peer group or the market. KANDY RESPONSE There were several challenges: 1) Each bank and fund manager provided [...]

The Paper Museum



The Paper Museum has an archive of photos and documents going back over 140 years. Their systems were involving lots of retyping to manage the data. KANDY RESPONSE We saw The Paper Museum needed to get a grip on their data in the simplest and most cost-effective way. KANDY SOLUTION We carefully organised the database by [...]

Turnpower Story



Their Problem Like many in their industry, Turnpower has a team of operatives that travel over a wide geographical area carrying out an extensive range of maintenance tasks. As you can imagine, the administration this entails can be something of a nightmare. Appointments are often made at the last minute because the operatives are [...]

Puppy School


Puppy School shares why they love and have benefited from the bespoke software, built for them by Kandy Solutions. Could this software benefit your business too? Or would you like your own bespoke software for your business? Contact us today to find out more.