Turnpower Story

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Project Description

Their Problem

Like many in their industry, Turnpower has a team of operatives that travel over a wide geographical area carrying out an extensive range of maintenance tasks.

As you can imagine, the administration this entails can be something of a nightmare. Appointments are often made at the last minute because the operatives are needed to respond to an urgent problem, so the necessary paperwork is not completed. Unfortunately, engineers are not always as good as they could be at their administration which ultimately costs the company money.

The Solution

The custom web-based system they had been using no longer met their needs. Changes were required. They looked at a number of competing solutions, but Kandy’s existing Maintenance Manager covered most of their requirements even though it was developed originally to deal with the needs of housing associations.

We sat down with Paul Gomez at Turnpower to help him identify which additions were needed to make the system perfect for their type of work. We needed to understand Turnpower’s business and the challenges it faces because in many cases these were changes that would improve the system for other future clients too.

Key Changes were required to meet Turnpower’s needs

Although Kandy’s Maintenance Manager system ticked a lot of boxes for Turnpower and there was much they liked about it, it hadn’t been designed for them. So, changes were always going to be required.

We worked closely with them to deliver a system that was personalised just for them. This kind of feedback is also useful  because it helps us see what the key requirements in the field are, and develop more specific applications in the future.

Project Details