The Paper Museum

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Project Description

The Paper Museum has an archive of photos and documents going back over 140 years. Their systems were involving lots of retyping to manage the data.


We saw The Paper Museum needed to get a grip on their data in the simplest and most cost-effective way.


We carefully organised the database by year into 50-page folders, indexed into Excel documents. We created an import system for the Excel documents to avoid them being retyped, and an Administration module enabling books to be scanned and matched to Excel indexes, and meta data to be added.

The whole collection of books were vulnerable to damage by fire/ flood etc. So, we had a desire to create an elctronic archive to protect this and share it to mirror the physical structure of the archive. Another company started this task but found it too complex and withdrew.

Kandy came in and started from fresh :

  1. Designed a database to match the specific logical structure of the physical library.
  2. Created an import tool for the 140 excel documents to avoid them being retyped.
  3. Created administration module which enables books to be scanned, matched to excel indexes and metadata to be added.
  4. Created website to allow permitted parties to use the archive
  5. Created automatic synchronization process so that the website and archive synchronize automatically

The website we built allowed anyone with permission to use the archive, and the website and archive synchronize automatically.

Project Details