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Kandy Maintenance Manager is purpose-designed for contractors working for housing associations, to make it simple for both parties to achieve the efficiency, speed and control that excellent service (and your KPIs) depend on – no matter how large, complex or just plain difficult the task.

With Kandy Maintenance Manager, everything is real-time, everything is visible and everything is under control. Phone calls chasing tradesmen, missing paperwork, confused order numbers, wasted appointments– solved, solved, solved.

Kandy Maintenance Manager may be the most naturally customizable solution available. So it’s right for your business from day 1; and as your business grows, so can Kandy Maintenance Manager.

The cost? Much less expensive than comparable systems. 75% less in some cases.

One solution that can do it all? Kandy Maintenance Manager, exclusively from Kandy.

At Raglan we have seen one of our contractor’s KPI’s increase over 95%, a change that is entirely down to the impact of the Kandy Scheduling System and that places them now as our highest performing contractor. I would happily recommend the system to any contractors wishing to improve their delivery and quality of service or encourage housing associations like ours to consider stipulating the system’s use by their weaker contractors.

Colin Higgs, Assistant Director, Raglan Housing Authority

Take control of your housing repairs process

A great repairs and maintenance service is all about efficiency, speed and performance.

Whether you are a housing association or a building contractor, you are judged on your ability to maintain quality stock.

But it can be a mammoth task.

Keeping stock in excellent condition can feel like an uphill struggle, and no matter how efficient you are, the sheer scale of jobs can seem like you’re constantly playing catch-up.

It is vital to know who is doing what job, for who, at what time. Endless phone calls checking up on tradesmen, missing paperwork, inconsistent job order numbers, wasted appointments because the tenants aren’t in – all problems you could do without.

And with Kandy Maintenance Manager, the new software application from Kandy Solutions, those problems are solved.

The user-friendly computer system works on office PCs and focuses HAs and building contractors on one common goal: maximum efficiency. It ensures that the entire process – from initial repair request to final invoicing – runs seamlessly.

Streamlined paperwork, jobs allocated in the most efficient order, notification letters for tenants compiled in seconds, and all jobs tracked online in real-time so operators always know exactly what stage every order is at.

And most importantly, Kandy Maintenance Manager doesn’t cost the earth. Unlike the highly complex products by Sage or Vixen, ours is less than a quarter of the price. And while you pay for customisation of those systems, Kandy Maintenance Manager is specially designed for your organisation from day one.

Maximise your efficiency and minimise your costs with Kandy Maintenance Manager.

Call today on 020 7193 6129 for a free consultation and find out how to revolutionise your housing maintenance.


Uniquely tailored

Customisation comes as standard. From day one, the application is specifically designed around your needs, synchronised with your data, and aligned with your KPIs. We build a software solution to suit you, and that’s why our clients find it so effective.

Value for money

Kandy Maintenance Manager gives you maximum return on investment. It costs a quarter of the price of similar products on the market, yet is far more customised as standard. Unlike other providers, you won’t pay for features you don’t need, because the entire system is designed around you.

Organise the paper trail

We turn the chaos of paperwork into a streamlined, fully accountable process. From initial job request right through to invoicing, every aspect is catalogued digitally. Documents can be scanned into the software so everything can be instantly accessed via computer. Jobs will never again be held up by mislaid or contradictory paperwork.

Break free of the spreadsheet

No business is ever working at maximum efficiency if it has numerous Excel spreadsheets all reporting different things. Kandy Maintenance Manager pulls all your data into one place, creating a seamless process.

Escape Excel, and have every piece of information instantly at your fingertips.

KPI tracking

Kandy Maintenance Manager is focused on maximising your organisation’s performance. Thanks to the way the software application is built, you can see how every aspect of every job affects your KPIs. Kandy Maintenance Manager not only drastically improves your performance, but it makes it easy to prove it too.

Great communication, fewer phone calls

The entire process from request to invoice is fully integrated so every member of the team knows what their colleagues are doing. Schedulers can access operatives’ diaries and allocate jobs at optimum times, courtesy letters to tenants can be printed automatically, and operatives can access all the information they need. Less time spent on the phone checking progress means more time for other tasks.

Text message reporting

Operatives in the field can update the team on their progress using text messages. By simply texting the job number and a code reference, they can automatically update the schedule to say they have completed a job, or if it’s been carded for a return visit. No need to waste time phoning schedulers – it’s done in seconds on a mobile.

Google Maps integration

The software uses Google’s word-renowned maps service to give accurate location details to users at the click of a button. Instantly check property addresses online to ensure time isn’t wasted by inaccurate information.

Real-time data

The dashboard gives an up-to-the-minute snapshot of operations, giving users a complete overview of work as it happens. Pinpoint blockages in the work pipeline, chase overdue jobs and spot potential problems before they happen. By seeing the entire process on screen, you can crisis-manage and tweak the system in real time to ensure maximum efficiency.

Free training (but you won’t need it)

The software is designed intuitively so users don’t need to be experts in IT to get great results. The process is simple yet powerful, meaning your team can boost productivity from day one. Training on the system is provided as standard, and can be done on-site or remotely via the internet.

If you have any questions, or want to find out more, call 020 7193 6129 or email