Missing SQL Server dll: Microsoft.SqlServer.Types

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Missing SQL Server dll: Microsoft.SqlServer.Types

Recently with a number of .net Click Once projects we have been hitting errors on installing with Missing SQL Server dll: Microsoft.SqlServer.Types

These have been where projects use Microsoft Report Viewer, a component I try and avoid these days because it gives more install problems than anything else.

These have been the steps to resolve the problem for us:

  1. Remove any references to Microsoft.SqlServer.Types, and remove it from the Publish/Application Files
  2. Identify what version of Microsoft.ReportView.Winforms is referenced
  3. Find the matching version of Microsoft.SqlServer.Types, in the program files folder (I have seen as many as four different versions on a development machine)
  4. Copy this folder into  the project
  5. Add a reference to it, and set the properties to Copy Local = True and Specific Version = False
  6. On Publish\Application Files set Publish Status to “Include”
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