Automating Office "Call Rejected By Callee"

//Automating Office "Call Rejected By Callee"

Automating Office "Call Rejected By Callee"

I have a number of applications that automate Microsoft Word 2010 from Visual Studio 2010.

Once client, in their test Terminal Server environment started getting the error message “Call Rejected By Callee” when opening word from my application. Word opened OK, but all automation failed

I could not reproduce this on my development machines. Trawling all the references to this on Google could not find any answers, though a number of people have experienced similar problems with various members of the Office Suite. A few suggested that possibility that Word may not have fully initialized when the automation code was attempting to access is.

I tested this by isolating the point in the code where the error was thrown, and putting in a message box just before hand. This was just after the Word object was created, but before any of its methods or properties were accessed by my code. On the test machine I then waited five seconds before oking the message box. This time the automation succeeded. This shows that it is a timing problem and means I can modify my code to fix this.

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