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SQL Server Azure Auditing

Until recently Auditing has not been available in SQL Azure. Kandy Solutions have always implemented a form of this in in the form of Tombstone tables which track all changes in the database. However, Microsoft have just made auditing available in SQL Server. Here is a video explaining how to set it up and use [...]

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Crystal Reports Click Once Install Problem

Click Once Crystal Reports Missing Assembly Problem My first step was to install the Crystal Reports for .net framework 4.0 64 bit (CRRuntime_64bit_13_0_2.msi) then I tried installing Kandy Travel .net application from ClickOnce, but i got this message Click Once Error Message Solution So then I looked at the application files in the [...]

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Just moved my website to WordPress. Impressed by WordPresses ability to allow easy content generation and themes. Changes can be rolled out across a site quickly and easily. CMS technologies such as WordPress and Joomla give clients the ability to have sites created quickly, and give them control over content. So this is becoming the [...]

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Crystal Reports Installation Problem

Having had the application running successfully at the pure package for several weeks, a Click Once update failed. The error message “requires assembly CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.ReportDefModel Version be installed in the Global Assembly Cache” When I checked back to an old working installation, I found the Crystal Reports references to be a later version (13) SOLUTION [...]

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Visual Studio – Building 64bit Applications

Its not normally necessary to build 64bit versions of applications, and of course, they will only run on 64bit platforms. However, I have found one situations where its important, when using MS Office Automation within your project, and the target machines are running the 64bit version of MS Office. In this case, automation will fail [...]

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SQL Script to Move Data As Well As Schema

Moving a SQL Database schema is easy, and I have been generating the scripts for this for a long time. But I recently learned that by digging into the advanced options, there is a well buried option to script the scheme and data Generate the sql script by right-clicking on the database node, choosing [...]

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SQL Replicaton Propblem

“Maximum Storage procedure, function, trigger or view nesting lever exceeded (limit 32)" After adding merge replication to the PaperMuseum database, the user was getting this message SQL Sever Error“Maximum Storage procedure, function, trigger or view nesting lever exceeded (limit 32)"occurred after adding replication. This occurred everytime they tried to change a record. The solution: Go into [...]

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