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Case Studies

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Meet Our Team



Kandy Solutions Limited was formed in 1997 by Andrew Mogford. Andrew has also worked for other software houses, most notably Scotts Marketing and Systems Ltd. He has experience of a wide range of industries. For example, starting in 2002 he created a number of web based systems for TI Automotive linking their 100 factories around the work and managing many of their processes. Some of those systems are still in use in 2016. More recently he worked on post trade analytical systems helping investment funds examine their trading practices. Other projects including a system to help the marketing department of Nestle UK. In all of these projects he has been the lead developer. In more recent years Kandy have produced systems for the maintenance and alarm industry, and the travel industry.



With a master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon and 2 years experience at SalesForce, San Francisco, Bob is back at the helm of HT where it all started for him 10 years ago. He has extensive knowledge and experience with a 360 degree view of Web based application development. In the five years he has worked as Quality Engineer, Systems Designer, Database Designer and Performance Engineer. Now he is leading the operations at HT.



Erron joined Kandy in August 2015 as an apprentice, while studying level 3 business and communications. Coming from school knowing HTML5, Javascript, Small Basic and some CSS, he has been able to learn and work effectively using VB.NET, SQL, JQuery and ASP.NET. He is experienced in Microsoft Visual Studio and SQL Server studio and the use of SQL Azure systems. Outside of IT, he is a photographer and videographer.



James Marcelle is from the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Lucia. He came over to England to study film, creative media and broadcasting in 2014, to which he recently graduated with full distinctions. He has a great passion for film and photography and regularly integrates that field into his work here at Kandy Solutions. As well as that, he works with us on marketing, programming and database engineering.



Caroline Higgs manages the day to day running of the office, and deals with the finances. She has been in various and extensive finance roles, including Assistant Accountant, book-keeping and credit controller for 22 years. She has worked for a diverse amount of companies over the years including PETROC and Lanacre Management services. She also trained and working as an Installation Electrical Inspector and Testing engineer.